2023 Ethics Bowl grant

In spring 2023, the Ethics Bowl team won the Michigan state bowl, won the regional playoff, and would be heading to North Carolina to complete in the national championship. Ethics Bowl is a cousin of debate, in that they analyze cases with different moral situations and potential sides to argue in favor of, but Ethics Bowl values the discussion of all of the points of view, the central moral themes of the situations, and helping the other team to strengthen their argument as opposed to trying to poke holes in it. The competition really is a great mix of teamwork, reasoning skills, public speaking, thinking on your feet, listening skills, and logic use. The members were excited to be representing Skyline in the national bowl, but were hoping to get some financial assistance in the travel expenses of flying to Raleigh-Durham.  The PTSO awarded Skyline science teacher and Ethics Bowl coach Gabriel Rettaliata with a grant to help with the team's travel expenses.

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