General Meetings

We invite you to join us for our meetings. All teachers and staff of Skyline High School, all students attending the school, and their parents/guardians are members of the PTSO and are welcome to participate and vote. Meeting times are 6:00 - 7:00 pm

When Meeting Face-to-Face

Meetings are held in the Skyline DTEP Lab - Room B206, located on the 2nd floor of Skyline High School across from the Auditorium in the Commons. Please use the student entrance to enter the building.

When Meeting Virtually

We meet via Zoom. Please see PTSO and Principal email communications for meeting links.

Meeting Schedule for 2022/2023

The tentative meeting schedule is as follows:

2022-2023 School Year PTSO Meeting Schedule - General Membership

Tuesday, 9/13/22: PTSO General Membership Meeting (5:30pm)

Tuesday, 11/1/22: PTSO General Membership Meeting (6:00pm)

Tuesday, 1/17/23: PTSO General Membership Meeting (6:00pm)

Tuesday, 3/7/23: PTSO General Membership Meeting (6:00pm)

Tuesday, 5/9/23: PTSO General Membership Meeting (6:00pm)

2022-2023 School Year PTSO Meeting Schedule - PTSO Board Meetings

Tuesday, 10/11/22: PTSO Board Meeting (5:15pm)

Tuesday, 11/1/22: PTSO Board Meeting (5:15pm)

Tuesday, 12/13/22: PTSO Board Meeting (5:15pm)

Tuesday, 1/17/23: PTSO Board Meeting (5:15pm)

Tuesday, 2/7/23: PTSO Board Meeting (5:15pm)

Tuesday, 3/7/23: PTSO Board Meeting (5:15pm)

Tuesday, 4/11/23: PTSO Board Meeting (5:15pm)

Tuesday, 5/9/23: PTSO Board Meeting (5:15pm)

Board Members for 2022/2023

Your PTSO board members are here to serve https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/my-driveyou and the Skyline High School community. Please feel free to contact any of us to discuss any of your concerns, present your ideas, or to let us know how we're doing.

Meeting Minutes


Financial Statements

Financial information for the Skyline High School PTSO.


Bylaws of the Skyline High School PTSO

Articles of Incorporation